Prateek, Professional


Honestly the biggest change is in the approach, the context, the story. Previously I used to open a chart, gaze at it blankly, make some half cooked deflated stories and give up. Now I feel I know something and can confidently say a few things. Something I would never have learnt by myself.

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Shilpi, Fashion Designer


I had little to no knowledge about astrology, and feel I have come a long way in last two months. The course was a transformational experience for me. The content was very crisp with lots of practical exercises involved, and you took that extra care to answer all the questions. 

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Zubin, Government

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From ground zero to reach a level where now I can relate to principles and predictive aspects, it's a sea change. The content, structure, and time period are all good. The course has infused a certain kind of mental peace and confidence - very satisfying.

Learning Jyotish demands sincerity, like any other art. The batches are small, everyone joins hands together and run for a group sprint with me as the engine. At some point the magic happens - students get eyes to see the dance of shakti  in a chart. It's a beautiful experience. Welcome to apply if you love intense training.

Online Courses (Live)

Solar System

Vedic Jyotish - I

Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology (Jyotish). Covers planets, signs, houses, and the art of prediction. How energy moves in life areas through planets and signs.

This is a hands-on course. Every class includes a thorough validation of principles in student's own horoscopes. After the course ends, you are expected to tell a few life details with confidence against any chart presented to you.


Total Duration - 4 months (25 lectures, 50 hours, 2 Practice Tests)

Cost: INR 23500

New batch begins in January

Course Experience

My knowledge has nearly doubled. Predictive ability got a boost because of the very logical way of thinking inculcated by you. There was something of everything in the course and hidden concepts opened my horizon. Now I have the ability to think sequentially in the chart from most important to least. I realised the depth of jyotish and how powerful it is. 


Gaurav, Academician

Course Experience

Hemant Ji has taken a subject having multiple layers with seeming contradictions and taught it systematically. I went from zilch to comfortably dealing with advanced concepts in short duration, but nowhere did I feel lost or overwhelmed. 

What I appreciate is his ability to change the pace and ensure learning milestones were met irrespective of time taken. Learning from him gave me strong basics and the confidence to apply on actual in-person readings.


Abhimanyu, Entrepreneur

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Horary (Prashna)

Vedic Prasna Principles. How to create answers from Planets, Signs and Nakshatras energies. Prashna Principles of Vedic Jyotish and


Krishnamurthy Paddati (K.P.). Theory, history and genesis. Rules of prashna for marriage, career, children, income and losses, court cases, diseases, house buy and sell, business partnerships, moving abroad, education opportunities, business meetings results, etc. Precise event timing using Ruling Planets. Application of KP methods to birth charts, and integration of Vedic and KP Prashna methods for confident predictions. Pitfalls and cautions for casting a prashna chart.  

A hands-on course that will teach students to cast a chart at the time of query and know possible future outcomes. 

Total Duration - 7 months (35+ lectures, 70 hours, 4 Practice Tests)

Cost: INR 28000

New batch begins in January