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Mr. Saby, New Zealand

This is the best horoscope reading that I have seen.  So detailed and elegantly written and I keep referring to this almost everyday . There are some very intricate things you have captured so well. With this report I think my quest for looking out to multitude of astrologers will stop. 

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Ms. Aashima, U.S.A.

I can relate to almost every word you said about me, my personality, about my work, about my being inclined towards spirituality. I deeply appreciate the time and effort you have put in for preparing this reading. The appreciation I have for you is at a different level, and a mere thank you is insufficient.

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Mr. Sheroy, India

I commend you for spending so much time and giving possibly the most in-depth and accurate description of my personality and issues that anyone has ever given to me in my lifetime. I am all the more amazed since we have not even met or spoken over the phone. Your reading had a very calming effect on my scattered mind and I felt a soothing effect on myself after ages.


Horoscope  Readings

Illustrated Family

I do a few scheduled readings every week.

I am passionate about making a difference. My method includes holding my client's hand and taking a tour of the person's energy big picture. It's a remarkable and a fulfilling experience both for the astrologer and the client. Depending on the focus area of the consultation, I also spend good time on the details of the life area that needs discussion and remedies.  

I have a handful of services that can be taken based on the objective and life circumstances at the moment. I begin with birth time rectification on first day and close the reading on the next.


Please refer below for the list of services I offer. 

1. compact life

Strengths and weaknesses of the chart, recent tides of time in favour and against, focus area discussion, and a personal mix of remedies (Elemental /Karmic / Mantras). Good for people wanting discussion on horoscopes around 2-3 life areas. Consultation Time: 45-60 minutes.

INR 3500  |  USD 49

2. standard life

Birth time rectification, overall energy diagnostics - what is working for the native and not working, life purpose, past life astrology (where born, karma carried in this life), upcoming tides of time in favour & against, focus area discussion, and a personal mix of remedies (Elemental / Karmic / Mantras ). Consultation Time: 90 mins.


INR 5100  |  USD 69

3. elaborate life

Birth time rectification, overall energy diagnostics - what is working for the native and not working, life purpose, past life astrology (where born, karma carried in this life), upcoming tides of time in favour & against, focus area discussion, one extra chart inclusion (spouse/child) for relationship energy map discussion. Includes remedies (Elemental / Karmic / Mantras). Consultation Time: 120 mins + One 30 minute follow up in 3 months.


INR 8100  |  USD 109

4. one query

Simple question around a life theme like job shift or marriage life shifts, health improvement, etc. This is usually good with clients who have an ongoing rapport with me and wants to connect to quickly discuss an issue area about anything that is bothering. Birth chart is seen in the light of Horary Astrology. Consultation Time: 15 mins.

INR 1100  |  USD 15

5. Follow-ups

Follow up sessions for clients who have already taken Compact Life or Standard Life or Elaborate Life readings with me. To discuss  forthcoming concerns or anticipated challenges in work / marriage / health / children / education / finances / etc. Consultation Time: 30 mins. 

INR 2100  |  USD 29

6. punya reading

Comes from Indian Parampara's special knowledge: Karma and Remedy talks in the light of deceased's birth & death charts.

What great deeds person has done in the life, things that were left undone, and remedies that kith-and-kin could do for happiness and easy transmigration of the soul to higher realms of existence.  

Donation based

7. Birth time Rectification



Horoscopy is a fine and nuanced art. It needs accurate time of birth (+/- 1 min) to make precise predictions. D-60 is the past-life chart that changes every two minutes for the native and holds vital importance for any analysis. In K.P. system, house sub lords change every few seconds. 


I use many methods to arrive at a birth time that is correct to a fine range. This is a tedious process and requires validation of further events after the correct time has been calculated. 

Correction charges

  • +/- 15 mins: INR 2100 | USD 29

  • +/- 2 hours: INR 3500 | USD 49

  • +/- 6 hours: INR 4800 | USD 65

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Refund Policy: 100% of the fee  will be returned in case the client is not satisfied with my reading.