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Welcome - It is so well that you've come

I’ve been practising Astrology for over eight years now, have clocked around 5000 hours of studying and practicing the subject sitting at the feet of my Gurus.

I came to Jyotish by chance (although ‘chance’ is a misnomer when we talk Jyotish) when a random encounter with an astrologer ignited my interest in 2010. I learnt out of sheer joy of seeing how the Universe functions. I started with a one year course at K.N. Rao’s school, and then went to individual masters of the game. 

The journey had been nothing short of fascinating. Not only is the work fulfilling in itself (cracking the karmic puzzle for the person where everyone is different), it feels further good inside when people report a jump in their being after the consultation or the remedies. I gave free consultations for two years until my Guru asked me to do it professionally.

I am a Data Scientist by profession, and have worked both in India and foreign land. Did my and from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (I.I.T. Delhi). 


I was the world's most viewed writer on Quora in Astrology and Meditation.


I was writing articles on Astrology and Karma Theory in 2014-15: insights I got from a two-decade long meditation regime and reading of the scriptures. An intensive training into the tenets of Jyotish made me took a pause from formal writing. I'm back to sharing the wisdom I gained from the journey. 

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Most Viewed Writer

Succesfully completed the 5-year long Parashara Jyotisha Program (PJC) with Devaguru Brihaspati Centre. 

This is one of the most intense classical astrology programs available on the planet with focus on Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra in the light of the tradition's sacred knowledge. 

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Hours  Practiced


Years Experience


Gurus & Parampara


Systems Application

My Gurus

Teachers make a student into a practitioner.  I am thankful to these great and kind spirits who gave me seeds of knowledge to blossom in time. 
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Pandit Sanjay Rath

A living legend, Completed the 5-year Jyotisha program (PJC) & 3-year Mantra Shastra program (MSP) in his Parampara


Mrs. Sarbani Rath

My mentor in Parashara Jyotish Program (PJC). Succesfully completed 5-year PJC certification program in 2023.


Dr. Andrew Foss

Creator of Sri Jyoti Star software, my mentor in 4 year long Jaimini Jyotish Program


Mr. Freedom Cole

An authority on Jyotisha-Ayurveda, I completed his 2-year powerpacked programs - Science of Light I & II


Dr. S.C. Mishra

An eminent sanskrit scholar and author of over 70 Jyotish books. Taught  special methods in Vedic Prashna (Horary)

Ganesh Sir3.jpg

Pandit S. Ganesh

Taught me Vedic Fundamentals and the art of Horoscopy. Gave me the strength and rigor to rely on Indian Classics.

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Mr. C.B. Narnauli

Considered a mastermind in the community, he taught me Krishnamurthy Paddati (K.P.) for over an year 

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Late Pt. Umesh Sharma

Taught me the vital art of Remedies

Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan Astrology School.jpg
Visti Larsen

I completed a one year course at K.N. Rao's school (Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, Delhi). I also learnt several incredible tools from Saptarishis Astrology and Rama Academy (Visti Larsen).

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