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Who am I! My story of becoming an Astrologer.

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

How I went from being a statistical expert predicting corporate sales using data-models to learning the most ancient life predicting subject that is Astrology.

I never wanted to become an astrologer.

An Astrologer is the one who gets up at 4 a.m. in the morning, recites mantras for two hours, has a ponytail, believes in God, sees clients for some dana (donation), and is poor.

Or an astrologer is the one who has a thriving practice in a five star hotel, practices larger-than-life-demeanor, advocates gemstones taking commissions on jewellary shops nearby, is jealous of other astrologers, flirts with clients of opposite gender, and takes advantage of the client in fear.

Or an astrologer is the one who has a stable government job, has read a few astrology books in some years, posseses five times more books in his library, tells many nuances on a horoscope but fails in sharp predictions for upcoming years.

That's how I used to think

In the ideal world, Astrology isn't much required frankly. In the ideal world, mind you.

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a scientist. I went into one of the premier science institutes of my country to realize that dream but two things happened – I felt bored by what I saw people doing in the name of science. And I discovered Performance Art.

I had a phenomenal college life – filled with colors and ambitions and hopes until the drudgery of a real life happened. I didn’t get certain things for which I strived zealously, and I got some other things totally by acts of randomness. Some people hated me, some people loved me, but nobody knew who I was.

Heck, even I didn’t know myself that well or why I react out of character at times. So I started meditating. Two hours a day, in between a demanding work life. Meanwhile, life happened to flow in between waves of excitements and sorrows. That led to more gusto in meditation. I started to study scriptures which spoke of this mysterious law of karma that engulfes all. And I started to wonder if there should be a way to understand karma – is it totally random or does it work on some principles.

And one day, when Universe was kind, Astrology happened to me.

My formal training in Jyotish (Vedic Astrology)

I joined a one year course in my town which was run by a famous astrologer-scholar Mr. K.N. Rao. The course gave me a good foundation in many aspects of Vedic Astrology. I wasn't much bothered about becoming a great predictor - I just wanted to understand how the karma-machinery functions.

Then I went to individual Gurus. My pivotal moment in learning came when my K.P. teacher (Mr. C.B. Narnauli - may God bless him!) took a liking in me and started teaching how predictions are cultivated with a sharp mind. K.P. system isn't very deep but is excellent to make an outline of the event with a tad few colours sprinkled here and there. I became obsessed with making charts and finding out events in the here-and-now that are expected in my life. People started coming to me to discuss life's challenges and possible turnarounds. The experience was different than the highly technical corporate work where I was making profits using statistical models. Here in Astrology, I was in touch with the common man and his life.

Then one day it hit me. I calculated the date of an event and it happened. I was bedazzled. Not only was this study intellectually rewarding but it has practical implications. I realised that Astrology is a subject that resonates with me and I want to burn the midnight oil to become an expert in this field. I dropped some other pursuits I was dabbling in, and went straight into studying the subject as much as I could. Amazing teachers and courses came into my life (Thank you Universe!) and gave food to the hungry student that was me. I joined a Paramparaa from Orissa to do a 9 year long course in Jyotish studies, and the material that I started studying was like a moth to the flame. My old dream to vigorously study something that also should have practical application came true. I got into a science, that is also an Art form. A subject that can be practiced so much that it gets into your bones but never can be fully mastered. A subject that tells about what Universe was and what it will be.

I never wanted to become an Astrologer, but thank God I became one.


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I was an avid reader of ancient scriptures throughout my life, and thought I knew enough about the links between action and destiny, Until I learnt Astrology. And then my eyes opened like a flash. 

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