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I promise you that you will have a powerful rest of your life. That you will earn because of this skill and your friends/clients will have uplifted life due to you having done this course.

The one-year syllabus comprises of 4 courses

Course Testimonial

Shri Freedom Cole


Jyotisha Guru & Creator of SOL programs

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  Science of Light Partner Program  

Hemant is  an expert on Jyotish Vedanga and has succesfully completed the 2-year Science Of Light program (SOL) with me. Hemant fully imbibes the spirit and tenacity of the SOL rigour and his teaching style is eclectic.


As a creator of SOL programs, I endorse his methods to teach SOL book material and welcome his passion to bring professional level astrologers into this world. 

Course Sample Videos

Course Books

Course Structure


Participant's Feedback


Prateek, Professional


Honestly the biggest change is in the approach, the context, the story. Previously I used to open a chart, gaze at it blankly, make some half cooked deflated stories and give up. Now I feel I know something and can confidently say a few things. Something I would never have learnt by myself.

Female Student

Shilpi, Fashion Designer


I had little to no knowledge about astrology, and feel I have come a long way in last two months. The course was a transformational experience for me. The content was very crisp with lots of practical exercises involved, and you took that extra care to answer all the questions. 

Student on Mobile Phone

Zubin, Government

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From ground zero to reach a level where now I can relate to principles and predictive aspects, it's a sea change. The content, structure, and time period are all good. The course has infused a certain kind of mental peace and confidence - very satisfying.

RPPs - The revolutionary
method to learn astrology.

RPP - Regular Practice Problem sheet. Every second week, the student gets a personal question paper on email that she fills in 10 days to get carefully evaluated feedback from Hemant within 3 days of submission. Questions are carefully designed from student's horoscopes and of celebrities lives to understand why something happened the way it did. Students report RPPs as the single most valuable piece of course element that made them grow. 

Screenshot 2023-11-11 183939.png

Hemant Kathuria, a practicing Astrologer, IIT Delhi alumnus.

An intensive 'weekends-only' course that starts with fundamentals and takes you upwards to a first-first class early stage practicing vedic astrologer (Jyotishi) in one year.

Many years back, I trained young boys and girls to create award winning inter-college plays on loops. I had a gift to open my students up using love and rigour. I left the world of performance arts because the 'yearning to know deepest truths of the world engulfed me'. I did heavy meditation, read scriptures, and stumbled upon astrology which I loved truly. Then, with my Guru's blessings, I started teaching in the style I used to flower my actors in theatre and films. And miracles started to happen. I have a tried-and-tested system to produce heroes from zeroes that gives results.

My story of becoming an astrologer is here


Q1. What is the objective of the courses?

Ans: To convert beginners into first-level practicing Vedic Astrologers (Jyotishis). The clear goal of the full one year syllabus is: to enable students analyse lives of family, friends, and distant strangers now and forever. And enable them to give basic astrology readings to anyone for a fee.  


Q2. Will I be able to become a top astrologer after finishing the course? 

Ans: You will become an astrologer who has the efficiency to pick charts, see what is happening, give predictions and suggest foundational remedies. Becoming a top level astrologer will require to further study for 10 years. I'm in my 9th year of practicing astrology and I study at my stage too. Adding other courses/knowledge to your repertoire will be much easier after completing my courses. 


Q3. Are there books to be studied?

Ans: I heavily rely on books & use various ones. Students are required to obtain a copy of the book 'Science of Light Volume 1'. It's a fantastic beginner's book written by my teacher Mr. Freedom Cole, and will be the principal course textbook.

Q4. What is different about your courses?

Ans: Astrology is a skill that comes by doing and practice. You will study pure Jyotish with me in a sports-like setting: making goals and completing them with lots of practice. I heavily orient my courses on three elements - rigour, love, and structure.

Q5. Are you a Jyotish Guru?


Ans: Being a true Jyotisa Guru is a big thing & requires decades of labour. While I've been trained by Gurus, I'm not one myself.

I like to call myself a coach.

I was a theatre director, wherein my students would often go on to win awards for the performances that I helped them craft. I use that energy in Jyotish world, as I've been given a knack by Universe to identify and tap thumbscrews of people I train.

So I will be teaching, charging, evaluating, celebrating while pushing you on the way. I will observe your moves and be denting your strokes to make sure 'you get it'. I will own your progress, and if you are not developing in the field at all (a rarity) then I may ask you to drop out with a fee refund.

I make the class lively and fun, because Jyotisha involves many technical concepts that can make the class atmosphere dry. Almost all of the students stick to the end and even crave for more lectures after the curriculum is finished. 

Q6. Are the courses pre-recorded or LIVE?

Ans: All the lectures will be on-line and LIVE. I don't think a beginner's course on Astrology can be taught by pre-recorded lectures as there are doubts and thinking locks that need a trained expert to release for every student. Batch size will be small.

Q7. If a student wants to develop further in the craft of predictions, what is the way ahead?


Ans: I have collaborations with my teachers. Those who want to train on deeper nuances, are encouraged to join my Gurus who are giants in the field. Students can choose the best course of action and I advise them based on their goals and temperaments. Two abodes where my past students have attended programs for more advanced training are: Science of Light and the Parashara Jyotish Course.

Q8. I can't afford your fee. Can I still join your courses?

Ans: Jyotisha is more than predictions, and is also a Vedanga. Those who are attracted to the subject are the lucky ones. I don't think I charge much but if you are deeply passionate about learning and yet can't afford the full fee: you can write to me and we can work something out if you impress me by your zest about the subject. 

Q9. Do I have to attend all LIVE classes? I want to attend the course, not sure about blocking every Sunday morning in my calendar for an year. 


Ans: If you can attend 70% classes LIVE, that is good enough. Rest you can catch up with recordings that I share promptly after every class. Some concepts are really tricky and requires solid work by the coach on the student's conceptual muscles. 

Q10. When is the next batch starting? How often do you start a new batch?

Ans: I usually begin a batch in Feb-Mar, I then train the batch intensively for an year. When a teacher teaches something, he himself goes through rhythms and inner growth. When a student starts, a part of me starts too. When a student blossoms in the end, a part of me blossoms too.


I have not, so far, enrolled new batches in the mid of the year because that disrupts my own internal power.  If I do decide to begin new batches in the interim of the year, I will publish here. 

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