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Project Godfather - Make It Large

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

This project was originally a part of my one-year course wherein every student would pick 2-3 life areas and make a clear positive dent using energy remedies.

The filmmaker student has to get his projects moving and auditions coming, the corporate woman must see her way forward to better postings (revenue-wise or happiness-wise), the sickly student has to witness some cures/remedies to come his way, the enemies have to start forgiving the businessman student so that he can focus on creating amazing products to change the world, et al.

This post is about tantra and possibility of energy remedies to causate shifts within and without. If you don't believe that certain shifts inside of us are indeed possible by causating something outside of us, please just ignore this post and move-on.

I request you to kindly do not debate with me on science and rational reasons. I'm an engineering graduate from IIT Delhi and have studied enough science to know the things you may want to tell me. I'm not arrogantly saying, I'm boldly telling you this.

This post is also not about self aggrandizement, I'm just a tantra practitioner and not a master. My own struggles in life & meditation led me to embrace tantra and so I know a few proven nuances. Some loving beings touched my life to teach me a few things & they know this territory more deeply than me; those interested can peruse their works: Pt. Sanjay Rath, Om Swami, Sri M, Rajarshi Nandy, Swami Rama, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Grandmaster Choa Kok Soi.


Who doesn't want to get her desires fulfilled? Desires fulfilment & money are the two areas that attract the most customers in any self development course around the world.

10 years ago, I attended courses of one of the world's largest training body on the planet. It was a spiritual course designed in the garb of wish fulfillment and high performance. The trainer would ask "Who wants to double his revenues?", "Who wants his stale love life to be reignited?". Almost everybody raised hands. Then the trainer would give gruelsome assignments - to patch up with the father who once scolded, to go to police station and report your own crime you committed that nobody saw, to open up your past affairs with your spouse that you never told her (one person reported being slapped by his wife when he did so). The results were phenomenal: almost everybody who did these assignments started gaining power in the unworkable life areas. Somehow by standing on the pillar of truth, they gained access to their sleeping power. Many of them would then begin doing difficult things they were waiting for long: start/end marriages, start a business they always wanted to do, go back to a job life because 'doing business' was just an old mental conversation that wasn't working anymore, write books & make movies, make happiness their priorities in life.

I had done some major spiritual trainings by then. I was used to seeing changes in some other settings but this one course widened my eyes to see the dance of Siva-Sakti in a non religious setting -

"By bravely embracing one's Siva (the difficult truth), one has started to gain Sakti within (the power)". What a beautiful Universe!

Not just astrology predictions, I'm interested in discovering power

I remain very interested in turning boys & girls into worthy men & women. While boys talk, men act. Boys waste their Sakti in frivolous matters, men take charge to create communities. Girls roam around with scattered energies, women make families and get films made on them. As an astrologer, my secret and sacred intention is to find out: what stops this person from a bigger destiny, her destiny!

Who needs a Godfather 

Almost everybody needs a Godfather in today's world. I have had my Godfathers in the world of theatre, business, and astrology. I also am a small Godfather to a few and so I know the value of having this Joker in the pack of cards. Godfathers make the world less cruel, they share rare tips to change one's game, and open up doors that were otherwise closed. One who has a godfather is already rich in the game, while one on the other side is poor. What if I tell you that there is an alternate possibility: That you can have your own Godfather just that he (she/it) is not a human. That he (she/it) may start feeding things your way if you begin to honour him (her/it). The famous Indian Singer Lata Mangeshkar has had one such Godfather, btw. Who doesn't need a Godfather I: You have discovered your own internal Godfather

When you are your own powerhouse & your own wisdom stream then you don't need anybody else. Your Krishna/Allah/Jesus sits in your own heart to guide on. I love you for who you are, please preserve this style and persona as long as you can. You are one very valuable person on the planet and you don't need tantra/astrology.

I get such worthy humans as a part of my astrology work. This man (below) came to me with an entrepreneurship dream. He was devising a project that didn't seem right given my own analysis on his charts. I asked him to wait just a few months. Then his reply came:

The person above is already a hard-working man striving with a hope that some door will open up for him. He is his own Godfather, and he needs no push into major tantra sadhana to make dents. When the right time window opens up, he will crack things for sure. He is on the right path already. It was my duty to tell him to ignore astrology, this is superfluous and may distract him from his own solid internal wisdom compass.

Who doesn't need a Godfather II: Case of inviting Godbrothers & Godsisters

Godfather comes with his (/her) own set of rules: usually a high set of ideals in some life setting & a way of dharmic life. And it may be difficult to impress the Godfather you seek. In tantra, we have some Godbrothers and Godsisters: who come to create little dents and depart happily enjoying the fruits of success. We invite them for cases which are not majorly difficult.

This person (mentioned below) came to me with an urge to do something cool, and clearly knew what is desired, but was having many dull moments. So a light energy remedy set was designed and the shift happened. This person doesn't need a Godfather, just a few policemen to make the goons go away from the life (metaphorically speaking).

Then this high-flying friend (post below) was struggling with some office troubles, was feeling a loss of power due to a charmer colleague making my friend's work go waste. Just a small-n-safe practice of energy remedies and he reported this:

The Godfathers: An Overview

They are the ultimate ones. The powerful Gods who come to cause shifts. Sometimes these are higher forms of Godbrothers and Godsisters themselves who come more powerfully when invoked differently, and other times these are other strange energies who come with some specific conditions (e.g. Lord Ganesa won't come majorly to support you if you ignore your own mother. That's his condition to work with you). Some of these Gods are loving and forgiving, others are demanding and ruthless. Just like mentors on Earth. I personally work with a God who is ruthless, I have tough times occasionally with Him but He makes me do things an ordinary Hemant couldn't have done.

When I teach Jyotish, it is mandatory for every student to cause some shifts in life areas that were otherwise dull. This happens in phase-3 of my 1-year course when I've known my students well and am confident of their honest lives. When the astrologer invokes deities for the wrong person, sometimes the astrologer himself suffers so I've to be sure. Invoking the Gods demand a thorough investigation of student's own energy fabric (that comes from horoscope), what student needs, what the karmic wind is suggesting, and which deity is capable to cause shifts under what conditions.

What use is studying astrology and seeing horoscopes of others when one's own life is an unworkable mess. The astrology student's life should be transformed first and foremost, only then he is fit to change the lives of others who will come to the astrologer.

Case Studies: my students inviting Godfather

I. This gentleman was witnessing some problems with an old connect who was bothering since 4 years, the gentleman was put on a conditioned living with a few mantra practices, and boom!

II. This student (below) wanted to create a dent in a family member's life. He was put on a set of energy remedies and saw shifts.

III. This student (below) was having some visa issues she wanted to clear asap.

We thought to try once sincerely. Time was short. The horary chart (horsocope made at the date/place/time of discussion) suggested that there is a deity temple near her place in U.S and deity wants to help. My student had to promise something to the Goddess there to be done to serve humankind in lieu of the favour, was put on a tight and strong remedy set, and boom!

The backstory is this: A fellow student met this college buddy just after she started tantra sadhana, went to the embassy together to find out the trouble. This college buddy had a 'friend in the embassy' who did his job he was hired to do and gave the Visa. Somehow my student also got a project that paid for the money she spent on the trip. All happenstance!

Sakti, not Voodoo. Masters, not Hemant.

The word 'Tantra' has been spoiled due to the infamous things of black magic. There is the other side of the tantra also (like a 'White Magic') wherein we tap into big reservoirs of energy to causate shifts. Indian Seers have dutifully told us how to achieve that. You can use the energy reservoir to create a nuclear bomb (the dark arts I avoid) or create a power plant that gives electricity in the house 24x7 (the good side of the tantra). Hemant is very interested in getting electricity to your house so that you can write that Harry Potter book.

हो गई है पीर पर्वत सी पिघलनी चाहिए
इस हिमालय से कोई गंगा निकलनी चाहिए
मेरे सीने में नहीं तो तेरे सीने में सही
हो कहीं भी आग लेकिन आग जलनी चाहिए

By now you may want to write to me to have those special remedies to make your life better/easier/fancier/richer. I want to say to you this:

I'm not there yet. Hemant makes mistakes. Sometimes Hemant's remedies don't work. One time I made an epic blunder in choosing the right set of remedies. I also don't know the plethora of Gods that some of my astrology teachers know. Please reach out to them, I suggest four masters - Pt. Sanjay Rath, Mr. Freedom Cole, Mr. Visti Larsen, Mrs. Sarbani Rath. I only work intensely with my students and some chosen ones I'm confident about. I pick cases I'm confident enough to cause a dent.

My task was to showcase you that that the territory of remedial measures using methods of tantra exist within the realm of Jyotish. Mother Divine is kind, she stores the karmic energy of the person within her womb but also stores energy remedies in her loving heart. She doesn't want her children on Earth to suffer beyond a point.

I never wanted to just teach astrology. I wanted my students to harness the power that is lost somewhere along the journey of life. Astrology is about knowing what karmic wind (aka: destiny) is arising at any given point of time with a ~90% accuracy rate and so astrologers are more adept to knowing what can possibly tick with the right efforts. Sometimes the insights are deep enough to causate shifts or to wait for more favourable times ahead. In other cases, it gives us a glimpse that now is the time, the time to punch with one's full might. Godfathers add strength to punch fully. Know that when you punch hard in life (in your work, loving your spouse, writing that book, etc) you are just dissolving into the elementary states of Samadhi where Gods exist anyways just near to the source.

I now officially open up the project Godfather for my students and select deserving few who need a strong hand of Gods to move ahead in life.

Do not go gentle into that good night, Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Hope you have a solid life. You are the Sakti waiting to be unleashed. Write to me at for participation in the Godfather program.


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